New York Attorney General Credit Reporting Settlement

On March 9th, 2015, New York Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman announced a settlement with the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, which requires them to implement a number of changes designed to improve credit reporting accuracy and make it easier for consumers to dispute errors.… Read More

FICO Score 9 New and Improved

FICO has changed their formula, and this time it looks like consumers will come out ahead. Improvements include the exclusion of paid collections from the score calculation, a reduction in the weight of medical collections, and more.

Paid Collections No Longer Hurt

FICO Score 9, which will begin a roll-out in the fall (which starts September 22nd), will include a couple of inspiring changes.… Read More

How to Make Credit Repair Easy

The first step in the credit repair process is to get your credit reports. It is also the single biggest opportunity you have to make the job easy. Make a good decision now, and the entire process will be a breeze.… Read More

Quick Credit Repair Tips That Really Work

Credit repair requires courage. If you see something on your credit report that does not look familiar to you, you have the right to dispute it with the credit bureau. To hold back would be a great mistake. Do not attribute the credit bureaus with infallibility.… Read More

Boost Your Scores Fast With Credit Repair

Okay, the odds of getting your scores into the 800s overnight are slim. But that does not mean that you cannot make significant progress really fast. Here are some awesome credit repair tips and tricks that can boost your scores by one hundred points or more.… Read More

Repair Your Credit in Ten Easy Steps

Maybe easier said than done, but this is a big credit repair factor. The FICO model puts so much weight on your revolving balances that you really want to take advantage. Chip away until you are using less than 20 percent of each cards limit and your scores will go up, up, up.… Read More