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We make credit repair a happy and satisfying experience.

Sky Blue Credit delivers the most user-friendly experience in the credit repair business.

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Pro Analysis

Pro Analysis Magnifying Glass

A World of Difference

Unlike some companies that provide no help selecting items to dispute, we identify even the most subtle dispute candidates for your review.

In a business where every point matters, these expert insights can make a world of difference.

Learn more about Pro Analysis

Faster and Better

Faster Better Fast Forward Button

The Better Value

We dispute 15 items (5 items per bureau) every 35 days to deliver the quickest pace and best value in the industry.

And our unique customized disputes and re-disputes are designed to make the process as smart as possible.

Learn more about our unique disputes

Score Assistance

Score Assistance Chart

Raising Your Scores

Your credit scores matter. When we review your report we will identify gaps and untapped opportunities in your credit profile to raise your scores.

Our personalized score assistance will translate these opportunities into practical advice you can put to use today.

Learn more about personalized score assistance

Credit Rebuilding

Credit Rebuilding Wallet

Rebuilding for Success

We will give you the guidance you need to open new credit cards and to manage the balances for the optimal FICO score benefit.

And, as with everything at Sky Blue, our credit rebuilding guidance includes all the support you need to make it happen.

Learn more about credit rebuilding

Need more? We've got you covered.

Our extra services are targeted, special use tools we may employ if appropriate for your situation. If you need it, we've got you covered. Extra services, no extra charges.

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You may pause, resume, and even select your own billing date with the click of a button.

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How much does Sky Blue charge?

Our cost structure is uniquely simple. One low price gets you every feature. Signing up as a couple? Your second member pays half-price. It’s hard to beat the value.

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Is Sky Blue right for you?

Credit repair is not a cure-all, but if you are concerned about the accuracy of your credit report and want to raise your scores, you're in the right place.

Is Sky Blue right for you?

How long does credit repair take?

Credit repair is a step-by-step process. The credit bureaus are allowed a month to complete disputes, and many of the credit score tips we offer take time to work, but there is good news too.

How long does credit repair take?

Can Sky Blue help get a mortgage?

Credit repair is the perfect way to prepare for a mortgage application. A good credit repair company will know exactly what mortgage lenders need and how to help you meet those requirements.

Preparing for your mortgage application

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